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House for Sale in Bunga, Kampala



The description of the property;

  1. 5 Bedrooms: This home has five bedrooms, which can accommodate a large family and provide plenty of sleeping space.
  2. 5 Modern Bathrooms/Toilets with a Platinum Jacuzzi: This ensures convenience for the residents. The platinum Jacuzzi is a luxurious addition, providing a spa-like experience in one of the bathrooms.
  3. 2 Sitting Rooms: It includes two sitting rooms which offer flexibility for various activities or gatherings. One can serve as a formal living room, while the other might be a more relaxed or family-oriented space.
  4. Dining Rooms: Having multiple dining rooms provides options for formal and informal dining settings or the possibility of hosting larger dinner parties.
  5. Lounge: The presence of a lounge offers a cosy and comfortable area for relaxation and entertainment.
  6. Open Concept Kitchen: An open-concept kitchen is designed for modern living, creating a seamless flow between the kitchen and other living areas. It’s often appreciated by those who enjoy cooking and entertaining.
  7. 2 Self-contained Boy’s Quarters: These quarters can serve as separate living spaces for staff or guests, providing privacy and convenience.
  8. Guest Wing: A guest wing offers additional accommodations for visitors, enhancing the hospitality of the home.
  9. Massive Green Compound: The spacious outdoor area provides a green and open space, which can be used for various activities, gardening, or simply enjoying the outdoors.
  10. Spacious Parking Space: Having ample parking space is essential, especially in an affluent neighbourhood where residents often have multiple vehicles.
  11. Kids Playing Area: A designated area for children to play is a valuable feature for families with young children.
  12. Super Rich Neighborhood: The location of the property in a “Super Rich Neighborhood” suggests it is in an upscale and desirable area, possibly with high property values and luxurious amenities.
  13. Perfect Tarmac Access Roads: Good road access is crucial for easy commuting and convenience, and “perfect tarmac access roads” indicate high-quality road infrastructure.



  • ID GPHS0002
  • Type
  • Bedrooms 5
  • Bathrooms 5
  • Address Bunga, Kampala
  • Country Uganda


  • Property ID GPHS0002
  • Price UGX3 B
  • Property Type
  • Property Status
  • Bedrooms 5
  • Bathrooms 5